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Weblog: Hel van Groesbeek

 10-04-2016   21:07

Last Sunday The Hel van Groesbeek marathon race took place. For the Kona LTD-team a special marathon race while it takes place in our back yard. Dave, Hanne, Anouk and laura did the 70k race distance. The race was a bit to long for our Enduro guy's but Karl showed real team effort taking care of us and the other 980 competitors in the feed-zone. I think the day after he was as tired as the competitors :)

With all the steep climbings and zero recovery the race his name is good chosen. The Kona Hei Hei worked perfectly on the bumpy track and gave al team riders such a big smile. It was so smooth Dave even had time to eat a gel while going down.

At the end all riders where happy and Laura took a nice podium spot being second.

Next stop: stage race 4 island hopping in Croatia and Robin doing a big Enduro race in France

Great bike rides to you all, the Kona LTD-team

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